When time tells stories, he always enjoys doing it well.  Kember and Regan are part of that moment, when time captured them.

We are in Paris, Thursday 23 August.  Kember and Regan are present at 6:00 am for a pre-wedding shoot.  It’s still dark in Paris and cloudy.  But it is perfect for Franklyn K Photography who is the photographer chosen for the occasion.  His gaze is focused on art, love and pastel, allowing him to see what he is invisible at first sight.

Trocadero magnificent place chosen to see the iron lady throne over Paris.  Her beautiful silhouette is perfect reminiscent of the beautiful dress worn by Kember.

“The dress is also really important.  My dress is custom made and I have had it envisioned since high school.  We also cannot wait for pictures around Paris.”  K.

The dress was made by Chanelle Houston inspired by the beautiful brand Rosa Clara and Kate Shape for the beautiful black shoes.The bride and groom are amazed by the beauty of Paris as Dana supervises the entire Wedding.

Saturday 25th, 11am in Paris, not far from Arc de Triomphe the preparations are made in a beautiful Haussmannian apartment.  But the clock is ticking and we have to go to the ceremony at the Temple, next to Versailles.

Regan dressed by Ted Baker for Nordstrom is excited about this day.  He is happy and does not hide his joy.  Intimate ceremony, taking her out of the bride crowned with joy and peace by family, friends and loved ones

Waldorf Astoria hosts the dinner of the family, relatives of the bride and groom.  The room and the table made by the organizer of the Trianon Palace of Versailles.  Black, white, gold are the composition chosen by the bride and groom.  But before dinner, the couple’s session in the garden with a beautiful summer light

The rest you know: poignant speeches about the lives of the bride and groom, the tasting of the cake made by the starred chef of the Trianon.

Congratulations to Kember and Regan

” Committed.  Patient.  Kind.  Loving.  Spiritual”

Kember & Regan

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