"Cindy name meaning Connected with God".

When we meet simple and authentic people, there are some nice surprises.

Each surprise has its starting point and we are in Paris, near the church square of Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption. A magnificent natural beauty makes the pretty sailing tulle dance. This dress is designed by designer Sylwia K. Each movement gave amazement to the people around her. Isabelle B was in charge of a totally fresh and natural Make Up, letting the divine confuse reality with the divine.

The composition of the bouquet is perfect and with inspirations of colors very close to this month of September. Linda Champenois to realize this one.


His steps were filled with confidence as the Place Vendôme erected its column dating back to the 19th century. Places of the famous jewellers, it is on the side of the Or du Monde that a magnificent piece named Charlotte, adorns Cindy’s finger and the graphic minimalism of Maison Sabben in her ears.

The Louvre was waiting for us to finish the walk of a child of the King of Kings who will continue to make His Majesty smile and laugh. So it is the beginning of a new story that begins…

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