“Shadows and Lights, was born from a vision of refinement and modernity. This styled shoot is carried out with particular attention, to reveal the beauty that could be yours. A style that could suit brides-to-be from all over the world. 
From Paris to New York, the artistic director and the photographer wanted you to be able to recognize yourself and fall under the spell of this sweet alchemy that combines strength and softness like an ode to your femininity. 
But also what we love you for, for all these facets that you reveal day after day. Simply because you are both light and sober. And such as your heart will surely be the day of your wedding. We wanted to represent all his feelings, which pass through us for a moment and those that remain more present. Passion, voluptuousness, joy, and love above all, here is what we highlight and wish you.  
Is it a coincidence or an intention? We have created this diversity with heart. We find it in the choice of styles, materials, wedding dresses. Here and there in this style, raw, refined and haute couture elements coexist. Isn’t this floral structure overlooking this minimalist table majestic? 
We captured this, so that you can celebrate your love by drawing inspiration from the spirit of this shooting. Be plural, be refined, be yourself, be a stylish, modern and timeless bride.  
Create for you with a lot of attention”
Estelle B & Franklyn K Photography  
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