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Haitian Wedding Vibes Story

When Haitian Wedding invites itself to the Domaine de la Muette, near Paris. What better way to absorb the full energy of this day under the Haitian standard than to choose a photographer. Erika and Daniel, we simply wanted to honor their homeland of heart: Haiti, in order to recall the vibe that animates them.
A warm and Protestant ceremony was done in September. An exchange of vows so precious to them that they sent their pastors from their respective churches to bless the ceremony. The point of honor was a concert scene desired by the groom, an excellent drummer and interpreter of sounds with Haitian resonance exclusively.


"We had expectations filled by Franklyn k Photography. He knew how to give our couple a deep and animated vision of our union. His flexibility, his strength of proposals allowed us even with our wedding planner, to have memories that are close to perfection. We wish him to be better for the continuation of his remarkable work in the field of photography"

If you dream of a wedding in Paris, I will gladly accompany you on this journey. Let's create some magical photographs together. Get in touch with me, and we can choose the right collection together. I will make sure to fulfill all your expectations so that everything runs smoothly!

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