Intimate Wedding Santorini Greece

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Santorini Wedding

The day was simply about our love, that was our focus in planning when Will and I decided together to elope in Santorini,” the bride says. “It was a surreal decision, as it was a location we dreamed of visiting, so to be truly present in the moment, it simply had to be just us two—a few guests, wedding day checklist, or any other distractions that would overshadow the beauty of this incredible new journey in our lives as one. ” The bride wanted to look like a dolled-up version of her everyday self on her wedding day, so she wore her hair in natural, signature curls and applied her own makeup. “We remember waking up that morning so relaxed like, `Let`s do this,`” the bride explains.

Intimate Story

“We forgot for a moment where we were, until we heard cheers from bystanders that stopped to catch a glimpse of our day and cheer us on,” Marika says. A few months after they returned to the France, they had an additional celebration in Paris, where they shared their wedding video and photos with family and friends. “Everyone was blown away and was in tears, and although they weren`t there with us, watching it made them feel like they were a part of the day,” Marika says. “We had our daughter a year after we got married, and we can`t wait to show her our magical day in Santorini.

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