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About HIM.

About me, my name is Franklyn K, I come from an old pretty merchant town in France: Troyes, in the Aube.

« The flavour of an image is in the moment captured.  »

I think it’s important to understand that photography is more than an art. I think that’s the essence of who we are. We are necessarily just like a few things. We all look like a relative, friend, influence, etc… So taking the time to capture your image in the chosen moment and especially during the union of two wonderful beings, is for me one of the ultimate expressions of photography.

I have been a passionate photographer for a very short time if we should talk about year, but I have always been attracted by beautiful things, perfect lines and vivid textures. In itself, it is impossible for me to incorporate the imperfect term into my way of working. I am a perfectionist and I am often reproached for it, but without this trait of character, I would not have an rail engine in my photographic…

Franklyn K